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Check out some highlights of my past projects but also my recent work!

'Dave's Wintervariete'

24 - 29 december 2017//Museumpark//Rotterdam

I am very happy to been part of the return of the variete in The Netherlands! Dave van der Wal and David Severins produced an intimate and glamorous variete show in a spiegeltent from the 20s in the heart of Rotterdam.

'The 10 murders of Josephine' Opera

13 - 15 december 2017//Schouwburg//Rotterdam

It was a great experience to be part of this experimental opera experience by Rana Hamadeh, which deconstructed classical opera and combined sound installation with musical and sideshow.

'Misty Ville Horrorland'

20 october - 1 november 2017//Fort Fun Abernteuerland//Bestwig

Once again I joined Momentlabor for a Voodoo-themed Halloween show in this theme park. The challenge this time was: 8 shows a day, 3x chain, 5x sword swallowing.

'ADM Festival'

12 -15 october 2017//ADM//Amsterdam

My fox and me took a turn at the ADM festival and an absolute blast to perform in this amazing space!

'Atoll Festival'

20-24 september 2017// Tollhaus//Karlsruhe

Not only did I perform 'Things my Human does' in the Atoll Surprise Show, but we also made a guest appearance with Revue Regret during the Festival!

One of the nicest Festivals I have ever been to.

'No Show' at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

28 march-14 april//23 july-28 august 2017// Edinburgh//Scottland

Under direction of Ellie Dubois I joint a fierce all-female cast to make a show about failure and womanhood in the circus field.

We had sold-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and a pile of great reviews!

'Sur Filo Del Circo' Festival

12 july 2017//Turin//Italy

We got invited to bring Darwin Dogma to Turin to take part of the circus festival around Vertigo.

'Last Straw' with Revue Regret

1 may-11 june 2017//Delft and Weesp

With my sideproject 'Revue Regret' we performed our new 30-minute piece about rergets, missed opportunities and disappointment at the Delft Fringe Festival and the Showman's Fair.

More information about us and our show on our website:

'Darwin Dogma'

27 february -8 april 2017// Rotterdam

Creation of a piece about evolution and human enhancement with Paula Alvala during Circunstruction and a final presentation at Maastheater in Rotterdam.

Theater Feuervogel 'Into the Ocean of Time'

08-10 February 2017// Duesseldorf

Very elaborate event with 30 artists, produced by Theater Feuervogel, where I did Chain and Sword Swallowing.

'Boot'//Yachtbau Bavaria

21 January 2017//Düsseldorf//Messe

I am very happy to be performing for the company Yachtbau Bavaria for the second time! This time in the Cyr Wheel.

'Of Beauty and Doubt'

20 November 2016//Rijksmuseum Twenthe//Enschede

Delighted to have had the honour to open the new exhibition of the sculpturist Silvia B. with my act 'Lisa&Fox'.

'The Performance Bar'

11 November, 9 December 2016//Rotterdam

Bringing my newest act with my swords and 'Lisa&Fox' to the radest place of Rotterdam.

The Performance Bar. A venue that celebrates performance art in all forms from entertainment till art.

More to come soon!

'Halloween Ball I'

29 October 2016//Torture Garden//London

Together with the Bodymod-Artist Yann Brenyak I will have my debut at the legendary Torture Garden in London.

A collaboration combining aerial chain and body suspension.

'Tattoo Circus'

15 -16 October 2016//Amsterdam, 30 October 2016//Barcelona

Solidarity event to create a space where tattoo culture and political involvement come together. 

Next to tattooing there will be lectures, performances and concerts.

I will be there showing off my chain and rope act.

'De Odyssee'

22 - 30 September 2016//Lonneke van Leth Producties//Rabotheater Hengelo

The classic story by Homeurus in a spectacular dance show with orchestra, choire and a massive dance ensemble.


Very happy to be part of this production by Lonneke van Leth together with Linda Schumm in the tissue as enchanting sirens!

Additional informations and tickets via

'Leuchtende Nächte'

10 September 2016//Flugplatz Merzbrück//Aachen / / / / / / / / 17 September 2016//Flugplatz Schwarze Heide//Hünxe / / / / / 1 October 2016//Flugplatz Speyer//Ludwigshafen

A spectacular event with lasershows, fireworks, pyrotechnic and different showacts, including my Cyr Wheel act.

'Crazy Monday'

11 July 2016// Dean's Bistro//Düsseldorf

I am going to perform my chain act on an evening full of variety.

'TUI Cruises'

1 March - 12 June 2016//Mein Schiff 1

Once again I will be part of the theater ensemble of the German cruiseline.

We will pass by Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, India, Egypt, U.K., Ireland and Norway!


Ahoy and see you back on land!



'Boot'//Yachtbau Bavaria

23 January 2016//Düsseldorf//Messe

I will perform my rope act at the boat fair for the company Yachtbau Bavaria.

Xantener Weihnachtscircus// Jonny Jr. Casselly

19 December 2015 - 3 January 2016

I am going to be part of a great international ensemble in a beautiful old German city and present my Aerial Rope and Cyr Wheel act!

'Tension Trail'//Collective Penguin Productions

8 November 2015//Maastheater Rotterdam /// / / / / / / / / / / 27 November 2015//Jonge Harten Festival Groningen

The fear of failure prevent us from trying.
The fear of the unknown prevent us from initiating adventures.
The fear of being judged prevent us from demonstrating what we believe is important.
The fear of losing what we own pushes us to over protect things.
Let's face it together.


Temporary I will support the Penguins in this both emotional and exciting show (among other) on the rope.

'Cirque Lumière'

11 July-23 August 2015// Duinrell Themepark//Wassenaar, The Netherlands

A summer-varietee-show where I performed among three other great acrobats and 5 dancers in the Cyr wheel and in the chain.

Produced by Rocket Events and The Dance Company.


'The Day After' Holland Opera

18 June-11July 2015// Holland Opera// Fort Rijnauwen//Bunnik, The Netherlands

Based on the mythology around Phaëton and Phoebus the sungod. It brings together topsinger, dancer, circusperformer and a 14-head-orchestra.

Directed by Joke Hoolboom, composed by Jonathan Dove in a collaboration with TENT circustheater and JongNBE.


'Full Metal Cruise II'

April 2015// Mein Schiff 1// Tuicruises

Debut performance in the aerial chain with the German metal band J.B.O. during the 'Full Metal Cruise II'.

'The Power of Built-in'

November 2014// Kees Janssen Theatre Productions

Aerial rope and Cyr Wheel act at a coorporate event for the new ovenseries from the brands Bosch, Siemens and Neff, directed and produced by Kees Janssen Theatreproductions.

Circunstruction 'No Problem?!'

November 2014// Maas Theater Rotterdam

Solving problems and creating them. Are we looking for problems or can we avoid them and is life even still exiting without any troubles?

A research-project directed by Lena Herrmann and produced by Circunstruction. 

'Jackie Wutentbrannt'

Oktober 2014// Fort Fun// Bestwig, Germany

One puppetmaster, his puppets and a dark history-

An obscure and touching Halloween-Show directed and produced by Konzeptlabor for the event days of 'Fort Fear' in the Themepark 'Fort Fun Abenteuerland' in Bestwig, Germany.

Schiedam Verborgen Stegen

September 2014// Sodafabriek// Schiedam, The Netherlands

'Focus!' at lost places....

Two weekends full with art and performances at hidden places which dont get recognized in daily life.

TUI cruises, Mein Schiff 2

March- August 2014

Aerialist in the fixed cast of the entertainment shows of the German cruiseline 'Mein Schiff 2' by TUI cruises.

'Off Night'

January 2014// Chamaeleon Theater// Berlin

Participation with Aerial Rope act 'Focus!' in open evening in the historic and well-known theater in Berlin.

'Fusion Festival'

June 2013// Laerz//Germany

Rope-performance with Cirqueidyllic at Cabaret at the End of the World.


A mixed show full with eccentric and bizarr acts on a festival all about all kinds of music, art- and performance-forms.



'Take Off 2013'

June 2013//Rotterdam//The Netherlands

Graduation show of CODARTS circusarts, where I presented both my Aerial Rope act 'Focus!' and my Cyr Wheel act 'Lisa&Fox'.



Varietespektakel 'Le Voyage'

July-August 2012//Senftoepfchen Koeln, Pantheon Bonn

My debut in the Cyr Wheel in Stephan Masurs' summervariete show about the seven deadly sinns.


Directed by Urs Jaeckele (Kristallpalast Leipzig) and choreographed by Melanie Koeppers.


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