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Cyr Wheel 'Things my Human Does'

 Aerial Rope 'Focus!'

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Chain Act 'Feeling Good'

‘Focus!’ turns around the known audience-performer situation.

The performer is the observer and the audience is becoming the subject of focus.

A little uncomfortable? Good.

In ‘Focus!’ Lisa plays with strength and hypnotizing movements and drags the audience into a game of who looks away first.

7 minutes

A girl.

A  taxidermy fox. And a trap.

'Things my Human does' is a fairytale about death and the very moment life perhaps passes by one's eye.

After graduating with this act, Lisa kept on developing this piece and creates cinematic images in a bizarre setting.

8 minutes

What does the audience see? What not?

What do we as performer want them to see? What do they not want to see?

Most archievements come along with pain. Mental, physical, from outside, from deep inside, all kinds. Society tells us to not show this pain.

Inspired by the performance artist Marina Abramovic I want to know what’s beyond pain.


It is about pushing limits and not sparing the audience witnessing it.

6 minutes

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